Inspired by
Marina Abramović & Tezos community
We invite you on a journey to explore a parallel reality that already exists but not much understood
At the heart of Amsterdam, we collaborated across communities to show the power of Web3 that lies within co-creation, democratization, diversity & inclusion

"The Audience is Present" takes the idea of “present” as its central theme with the aim of discovering the society we live in.

It was inspired by the concept of the performance "The Artist is Present" by Marina Abramović confronting audiences from rich and diverse backgrounds on various platforms in Amsterdam's city center by taking into consideration social and political challenges in addition to emotional, intellectual, and physical ones.

The grand final event of “THE Audience is present” collection by Life.Anchors, Choice & NFT Playground
By looking at the connection that the audience seeks to forge with the artist, "The Audience is Present" examines how the audience might get out of their own comfort zone and bring their context and agenda to the forefront.

NFT & blockchain make this connection permanent.
From locking eyes in The 'Artist is Present' to a complete artist/audience merge with a cryptographic lock in royalties and ownership on the blockchain.
The beauty of community lies within the collaborative culture
What matters is the experience we get.
It doesn’t matter what and how we co-create.
“The Audience is present” shows how Audience can grow to co-creator or even creator in a real-time experiment.
Fair model to split the ownerships based on contribution
Empower each other
Adopt new technology
Develop artistic mindset
NFT Summer event: “The Audience is present” collection launch
Life.anchors, Choice and NFT Playground gathered during the annual pride celebration to attract the audience and start an experiment
August 2022

Turning the Audience in co-creators and exposing the collection to artists for reflection
From art collection to the movement
Not First Tuesday (NFT) meetup, progress presentation, new mints and artists
Omnea, MD X, Non space and What is happening here gallery joined the movement
Grand Finale
8 weeks of minting, 61 works minted, 196 unique owners, total volume exceeded
1220 XTZ
What Is Happening Here Gallery
5 gender generations of the Reuten family bring a conceptual space of 2200m2 located in a historical monument building of bank vaults at the center of Amsterdam.

Job & Joris Jan Reuten carry on sharing the rich history of their family being known as modern thinkers and creators who always supported the diversity movement and contributed to the shape of society’s modern vision.

Job curates the space as a creator, decorator, actor, performer, and artist who is bringing experiential art in a variety of sense expressions. He contributed to the Stedelijk Museum expositions and is known for a unique view to spot talented artists helping them grow and find new audiences. Among them are Lieuwe van Gogh, Claudy Reinalda, Petra Beckers, Kiki, Judocus van Soest.
We gather evangelistas of “The Audience is Present” movement on November 6th 2022
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